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Tuesday, April 11, 2006,8:36 PM
Growing beautiful plants this summer from bulbs! Part 1 - Crinum


Summer is here! Cold but romantic nights are gone. And so are most of cosmos, pansies, voila and dahlia. To bring the colors back in my garden I must do something.

On my last visit to my local plant nursery (which is like -twice a week) I noticed some new arrivals, they were called bulbs. I bought 3 of them, one of which was already having a pair of leaves while other two were still dormant.
Choosing the right bulbs is the only difficult task in growing Crinum.
To have flowers all summers choose bulbs which are at different stages of growth.
Check for symptoms of rotting by pressing the bulb slightly. A good piece would be hard.
Also check for any cuts as that can cause rotting once the bulb is planted.
Dry and dull bulbs would have less chances of growing successfully and even if they grow, the plant won't be very health.

Crinum likes to be crowded. So I planted all three in one 12 inch clay pot. The bulbs should be covered with 2-3 inches of soil.

Crinum needs atleast 6 hours of sunlight daily. So its safe to plant them outside.
Water them regulary and nicely, but not before the soil surface dries out. Check by pressing your finger in the soil before watering as excess watering can rot the bulbs.

In one month's time Crinum gives big red flowers that can be used as cut flowers.
With little work you can have beautiful Crinum in your gardens this summers and next summer and summers after that too -with only one set of bulbs!

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