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Sunday, April 09, 2006,5:41 PM
5 Tips to take care of your Lucky Bamboo
Just keep these 5 tips in mind and your lucky bamboo will return the favor by being green and healthy :
  1. Light. filtered sunlight or artificial light is best for lucky bamboo. Keep it away from direct sunlight.
  2. Water. keep the bamboos in 2-3 inch of water only. change the water weekly to prevent fungus.
  3. Fertilizer. Keep fertilizer to minimum. Strong fertilizers can burn the roots so dilute the solution you usually use for plants to one-tenth its strength.
  4. Soil. Usually lucky bamboo is kept in water, it can be planted in soil too. Since it needs lots of water, one should water it regularly. But let the soil surface dry before watering to prevent root rot.
  5. Temperature. Lucky bamboo is very hardy and can tolerate extreme temeratures(41 to 95 F) but try to keep it between 60 to 70 F only.

Lucky bamboo needs very little care. Place it in any place you like - bathrooms, halls, offices or study room.
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