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lucky bamboo!
lucky bamboo disease

Lucky Bamboo disease and planting resource page

What is lucky bamboo ?

Lucky bamboo is probably the most famous indoor plant. You can find it in gift shops all over the world. This plant is known for its beautiful curly stalks and is recommended by Feng Shui masters and practitioners for improving Feng Shui and creating positive Chi around your home and work place.

Lucky bamboo arrangements come in different number of stalks and each number have a different meaning attached to it. Lucky bamboo thrives well in filtered sunlight which makes it suitable for offices. It is pest resistant and requires very little attention on your part. Just change the water on weekly basis and it won't bother you. Lucky bamboo doesn't even need fertilisers.

Lucky Bamboo numbers explained

A very good explanation of what different number of stalks means so that you can choose the right one for yourself.
How to pick lucky bamboo for better luck!

Curls of Lucky Bamboo stalks

This tutorial covers three methods suitable for all the levels of gardeners and plant lovers that teaches how to get those curly stalks.
How to make lucky bamboo curly - tutorial for all

Caring tips

Some simple and effective tips to take care of your Lucky bamboo.
Tips to take care of your Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo disease symptoms

Explaining poor health symptoms and lucky bamboo disease in details.
10 symtoms that can tell you that your lucky bamboo needs your help!

Propagation method for Lucky Bamboo

In 5 easy steps propagate your Lucky Bamboo! And get new plants

Some Boring facts about Lucky Bamboo

  • . A little known fact about lucky bamboo is that its not really a bamboo but it actually belongs to lily family.
  • . Lucky Bamboo's scientific name is Dracaena sanderiana but it is known as Ribbon Dracaena or sometimes Ribbon Plant.
  • . Beautiful curly stems of lucky bamboo doesn't form on their on.
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