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Sunday, April 09, 2006,1:18 PM
Green Luck!

Lucky Bamboo

Plants having something different and unique character in their shapes, size or even application attracts my attention at any place. My eyes are always looking for something green..something extra-ordinary. so when my friend asked me to help him find some nice plants I agreed almost immediately. We went to Dilli Haat -kaleidoscope of handicrafts from different parts of country. They have opened a new nersery section.

There I saw these really beautiful, long green sticks climbing up in the air like a snake in a spiral shape with couple of long leaves at top. My heart told me I must have it. On enquiring I found out that they were "Lucky Bamboo" - an indoor plant that looks like a bamboo but not actually a bamboo.

The owner told me that these are imported plants and though he is selling them for the first time they are moving out like hot cakes. May be that's the reason behind such a high prize. While I can buy any common plant in here for half a dollar, this lucky bamboo was being sold for 3 dollars a piece. And to top that these sticks had no visible roots. But the owner assured me that it will root in one month's time. But I like it soo much that I ended up buying one pair.We had dinner and came back home.

If you are wondering what happened to my friend- well he baught some beautiful pancies.
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