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Sunday, April 09, 2006,12:53 PM


Hello to my old friends and welcome to new ones.

Finally I have moved my blog to I am very excited about its new features.

Talking about excitments, there is one more thing that excites me alot, gardening! It might sound strange to some but plants are my passion. I can spend hours and hours working my garden or browsing plant nurseries. And the best part about this hobby is that it's very cheap to maintain and it never fails to impress ;-) (hey who won't stop to have a look at beautiful roses and daisies).

From my childhood only I am fasinated by all the different colored flowers and vegetable. I spent early years of my childhood in a village, yes a proper village with our own farms, cattles, dog and tractors. Now I am a final year computer science student studying in a concrete jungle.
No doubt I miss my childhood alot.

This blog is my way of sharing my years of experience. Here I would post articles about all sorts of new and old plants I am experimenting with.

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