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Monday, April 10, 2006,7:23 AM
How to pick lucky bamboo for better luck!
One can find lucky bamboo in all sorts of arrangements! But according to Feng-Sui different number of stalks have different meanings. Read the following list to know what different number of stalks represent:

  • 2 stalks means Love.
  • choose 3 stalks or 6 stalks to attracts happiness.
  • Have 5 stalks or 7 stalks for good health.
  • 8 stalks gives growth and wealth.
  • For generally good fortune have 9 stalks.
  • Arrangement of 10 stalks brings in perfection.
  • And 21 stalks gives powerful blessings.
Pick your number and enjoy good luck. And even if don't care much about these number, its still feel great to have some fresh n green plants around you.
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