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Monday, April 10, 2006,1:25 PM
In 5 easy steps propagate your Lucky Bamboo! And get new plants for free!!
Because of lucky bamboo's hardy nature and minimal care, they are perfect gift for adults and children. Its a symbol of good luck and you can give it at any occasion . But we all know that lucky bamboo don't come cheap. so the best way is to grow your own lucky bamboo from old ones.

Just follow the simple instruction given here and in no time you will have your own lucky bamboo - for free! AND it will give you great satisfaction of creating something new out of nothing. We are going to propagate lucky bamboo by stem cutting. Though some people would suggest not to take the cutting of the plant, from my experience I can assure you that its completely safe.

shall we start then:

  1. Take a sharp knife. Clean it with soap or alcohol to prevent any infection to the plant.
  2. Now take the bamboo stalk out of the pot and place it on a hard flat surface.
  3. Make a clean cut just about the node(joint). No need to make a slanted cut as you would have done in case of a normal cutting, root will come from all the side uniformly.
  4. Dip the cutting in a rooting harmone solution for better results. I never use rooting solution in case of lucky bamboo and still they root without any problem. Its depends on your choice.
  5. Take the cutting and place it in the pot with the rest of the lucky bamboos.

Now just leave them alone and take care in normal fashion. Cutting will root in about two month's time.
Spray water daily to the cut part of the mother plant to accelerate the regeneration of new branch.
Though I have never seen rotting of cutting but its safer to check the cutting once a week for any rare case of rotting. If cutting rots, remove it from the arrangement.

Great job. In no time you have brought your lucky bamboo arrangement to a size suitable for the pot and as a bonus you have some new lucky bamboo that you can gift to your friends on next christhmas.
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