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Friday, September 08, 2006,10:58 AM
My search for bigger garden home
I am very found of greenery and love to spend my free time in gardening since I spent most of my childhood in village. But my current apartment gives me very less option to experiment with my hobby, so I am saving some money to buy a bigger home.

Finding a perfect home takes time and effort. Right now I have lot of time on my hand so I am doing all the research work I can to find the best deal. Like most people I prefer to search my home using internet since its both faster then conventional methods and I don't have to leave my home.

Like all good things Obares is one such real state portal that comes free for anyone looking to sell or buy there dream homes. Well since its not asking for any deposits and I have nothing to lose so I am going to give it a try.

My first impression was that the site is very clean and fresh and I can search houses either by city name or zip codes. I must say that the database is pretty good and I have already found some really nice houses. Though I am not much of a church person but would definitely like to know if there is any good library around my house and it’s great that this real state portal provides me with this information and much more like mortgage loans, schools etc.

I guess as soon as I find the house that suits my need I would list my current apartment for sale on this site itself as well, after all its free. I better get some photos taken of my house to add to Obares database.

Well that’s it for now, I better get moving or I be late for the job! and You know guys.. no job means no money.. and no money means no house :)
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