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Sunday, September 17, 2006,10:17 AM
Guide to Rose Pruning

Pruning roses doesn't need any special tools but a little care is needed to avoid injuries. A pair of rose gloves should be worn all the time to avoid hands and forearms injuries from thorns.A pair of long handled bypass loppers is necessary for large canes.

When to prune
While the time of the pruning depends on the type of the rose and the area in which its growing, most pruning is done in spring. Pruning a little late is much safer then cutting your plants back too early, causing them to suffer damage from a late winter freeze, so whenever in doubt always wait or ask a friend.

Why to prune
Pruning is done to remove 3Ds' - Dead, Damaged and Diseased parts of the plant. Pruning not only helps you keep your garden healthy but also help you manage it by keeping its size in control.

Tips on pruning:
  • Always keep your tools clean and sharp to make clean cuts and not ragged ones.
  • Always remember the rule of 3D, remove dead, damaged or diseased parts of the plant.
  • Start the pruning from the base of the plant but keep an overall image in mind.
  • Seal the cuts with white glues to protect it from cane borers.
How to make cuts
  • Cut should be made at a 45 degree angle with the horizontal with a clean sharp tool.
  • Try making the cut in one go as this would cause least amount of damage to the plant.
  • Make sure the cut is above the bud but not too close to it or you might damage it.The minimum distance of the cut from the bud should be 0.25 inches.
  • Also don't leave too much gap between the bud and the cut. Most of the time the extra wood would just die back. Sometimes it may even decay which would damage the new growth. The ideal gap between the cut and the bud should be at maximum 1/2 inch.
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